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     founded in february 2002, the jiangsu sainty eagle garment co., ltd. is a holding subsidiary of jiangsu sainty corp., ltd. the company mainly engages in the export of clothing products, such as casual wear, fashion, formal wear, sports casual wear, outdoor clothing, etc. adhering to the business philosophy of "providing services to customers, create value for customers", deeply explore in the market trend analysis, raw material resource integration, design & development, production & manufacturing, marketing and other aspects to meet the needs and requirements of customers. the company has a team with years of experience in market development, domestic and foreign production, terminal sales experience and has established a long-term steady relationship with many well-known brands and retailers. 
     the eagle company is good at the whole industry chain service of clothing from concept to development and production and the accurate grasp of the fashion trend and break through production channels, in order to create the best clothing solutions for customers. 
     rapid response ability of professional teams can shorten customers' procurement cycle. the company can provide customers with powerful and high-quality products & services relying on strong supply chain development & cost control system, mature technology and quality control, team after-sales service, etc. 
     our service concept, product solutions and excellent platform will help our customers grow and move forward. 

     contact person: qiu feng 
     mobile phone no.: 13905160785 
     contact no.: 025-52875538 
     e-mail: qiufeng@saintycorp.com