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     sunny trend (hk) company limited possess local-regional geographical advantage to empower customers to upgrade and reshape their industrial chains, provides innovative and value-added services for client's global trade and services.
     through resource allocation, channel expansion, risk management and other diversified integrated service platforms, we provides purchasing coordination, international logistics, bonded warehousing, overseas warehouse distribution and other trade channels for cross-border business in textile and apparel categories, baby care and cosmetic products , fresh seafood products, medicine and health care products etc.
     by using digital, standardized and systematic operation processes, we have capability to reduce transaction costs and shorten transaction time , and provide customers with more professional, complete and efficient comprehensive cross-border trade services. relying on the multi-party cooperation with brands, logistics, banks, bonded area and e-commerce platforms, and with the help of information sharing, we have formed a comprehensive and controllable risk and credit system to gain additional returns for customers.

     contact person: qiu feng
     mobile phone no.: 852-69910151
     contact no.: 852-28656612