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       fisheries branch of jiangsu sainty corp., ltd. (shortened for sainty fisheries branch) is mainly engaged in seafood international and domestic trade. the main products are patagonia toothfish and new zealand orange roughy. at present, sainty fisheries branch is the mainland exclusive distributor of austral fisheries pty ltd., the largest fisher of patagonia toothfish in the southern hemisphere and the largest quota holder of patagonia toothfish in australia.
       adapt to the background of consumption upgrading in china, sainty fisheries branch is actively exploring the seafood market, along with the continuously increasing in relevant market share. through professional and efficient trade service, sainty fisheries branch has established stable cooperative relationship with several international renowned suppliers (fishing vessels) and domestic distributors. sainty fisheries branch actively expands the combination of primary agricultural products/semi-finished agricultural products with peasant household and processing plant. to build the bridge between farmers(fishermen) and consumers, sainty fisheries branch constantly deepen the cooperation with farms in jiangsu, shandong, etc. through the deep cooperation, associated integration and mutual support of advantages with seafood processing plants, sainty fisheries branch has gradually formed the international and domestic trade service industry chain, with market competitiveness constantly increasing.
       currently, sainty fisheries branch has a professional and efficient business team. in the team spirit of "pragmatic and efficient, positive and aggressive, achievement first, efficiency first", and enterprise spirit of "holding the aspiration of shun (the name of a legendary monarch in ancient china), as heaven maintains vigor through movement, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection", sainty fisheries branch aim to provide the customers with best products and service.
       sainty fisheries branch is eager and sincere to establish good cooperative relationship with customers at home and abroad, seeking for win-win and mutual development. welcome friends from all walks of life to get in contact with us.

     contact person: pei ruoxuan 
     contact no.: 025-52875632 
     fax: 025-5287 5180 
     e-mail: peiruoxuan@saintycorp.com