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     founded in january 2002, the jiangsu sainty fortune co., ltd. is a holding subsidiary of jiangsu sainty corp., ltd. the company is mainly engaged in the importing and exporting of garments: mainly woven garments, especially top-end wind resistant coats and jackets. the products are exported to europe, america and emerging markets. the company has cooperated with ck, guess, ralph lauren, levi's, marina yachting, cortifiel, celio and other brands, and is also the certified supplier of costco, sams and other supermarkets. 
     after nearly 20 years of operation and development, the company has built garment production enterprises and supporting factories in the surrounding areas of nanjing to provide stable supporting services for business development. 
     the company wholeheartedly wishes to establish a good relationship of cooperation with domestic and foreign merchants and seek win-win & common development! welcome friends from all walks of life to contact us. 

     contact person: wu hui 
     mobile phone no.: 86-13505158816 
     contact no.: 86-25-52875301 
     e-mail: hui@saintycorp.com